A selection of projects Coops has developed, in particular, Palm Beach Heights Estate in Elanora, QLD won the 2014 QLD UDIA Award in the small residential subdivision category.

Coops’ depth and breadth of industry experience is well-recognised throughout South-East Queensland.

We have delivered optimal quality outcomes on multi-disciplinary projects within civil infrastructure for over 30 years.

Coops is committed to creating long-lasting relationships with partners and clients in both the private and public sectors.

Our dedicated team understand what it takes to successfully deliver projects from conception through to completion, having worked closely with over 20 engineering firms for over 30 clients.

If you are seeking a dynamic team to assist with your firm’s next project, don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.

Current Projects
Recently Completed Projects

Current Projects

Coops continue to build bigger and better infrastructure projects as our reach expands within the State’s civil infrastructure industry.

We are currently delivering several projects throughout Queensland, ranging from the construction of large-scale residential subdivisions to water reticulation projects.

Our experienced team continues to strive for excellence when working with innovative teams on challenging and dynamic projects.

Recently Completed Projects

Since 1984, Coops has successfully delivered over 500 civil infrastructure projects.

Our team has led the development of countless community-enhancing projects, including works for local schools, industrial parks, public spaces and housing estates.

Coops’ notable projects include civil works on The Outlook Estate at Gleneagle, Calypso Bay Estate Trunk Sewer Rising Main and a 79-lot subdivision at Waverley Drive, Pimpama.

Lot 2 Industrial Ave

79800 HaTree Clearing

87000 cu.mEarthworks

6820 m2Roadwaorks

2900 m2Retaining Walls

1100 mStormwater Drainage

670 mSewer Reticulation

1400 mWater Reticulation

Client: Synergy Park Pty Ltd

Engineer: Pinnacle Engineering Group

Date: Started May 2023

Highgrove Estate Stages 2 & 3

7 HaTree Clearing

29000 cu.mEarthworks

9300 m2Roadworks

4100 m2Retaining Walls

1500 mStormwater Drainage

1160 mSewer Reticulation

1370 mWater Reticulation

1000 mElectrical

Client: Baycrown Pty Ltd

Engineer: Peak Urban Pty Ltd


Gleneagle Estate Stage 8

19775 cu.mEarthworks

4700 m2Roadworks

500 mStormwater Drainage

780 mSewer Reticulation

500 mWater Reticulation

Client: Baycrown Pty Ltd

Engineer: Mortons Urban Solutions Pty Ltd



Coomera Springs Enterprise Park

21,000 cu.mEarthworks

2,700 m2Roadworks

490 mStormwater Drainage

160 mSewer Reticulation

270 mWater Reticulation

Stormwater Basin

Client: LATSOD Pty Ltd

Engineer: Mortons Urban Solutions Pty Ltd

Woodhaven Estate

8.5 HaTree Clearing

29,120 cu.mEarthworks

10,400 m2Roadworks

1,150 mStormwater Drainage

1,400 m (+ 390 m Trunk Sewer) Sewer Reticulation

1,100 mWater Reticulation

330 mElectrical

Stormwater Basin

Client: JAL Development Pty Ltd

Engineer: Pinnacle Engineering Group Pty Ltd

Highgrove Estate Stages 4, 5 & 6

11 HaTree Clearing

72,000 cu.mEarthworks

9,900 m2Roadworks

5,700 m2Retaining Walls

1,000 mStormwater Drainage

2,700 mSewer Reticulation

1,000 mWater Reticulation

750 mElectrical

Stormwater Basin

Client: Baycrown Pty Ltd

Engineer: Peak Urban Pty Ltd

Gleneagle Estate Stage 6

1.9 HaTree Clearing

13,000 cu.mEarthworks

9,700 m2Roadworks

1,100 mStormwater Drainage

800 mSewer Reticulation

840 mWater Reticulation

800 mElectrical

Stormwater Basin

Client: Baycrown Pty Ltd

Engineer: Mortons Urban Solutions Pty Ltd